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i have dish network. i just found my new favorite channel. RFDTV. great channel for farmers like myself.
question tho. im getting into cattle but got a question.
at the top of the tv it says Lot:(whatever the lot number is) then below it, it says some price.(whatever the bid it). whats that bid mean. how much per lb. or how uch a piece for 1 heifer or steer? and then how many ever lets say the price is 130.00. is that the price of every heifer or steer in the lot? idk.
if ya got dish and want to know what im talking about its channel 231..

Been my experience that you have to pay very close attention, don't get the RFDTV. At thelive auctions I have been to the auctioneer will usually announce very suttlely "by the hundred weight" or "by the head".

They will also use hand signals and if it's your first auction you ain't even going to have an idea that it's a hand signal.

True story. Auction in Kentwood La, lots of people there that have moved north out of NO. A young lady sits next to me and after a few sales (calf auction) she taps me on the shoulder and ask "how do you tell the boys from the girls". I explain that the ringman will wave one finger for a girl and two fingers for a boy. Also I told her she would have to watch close or she would miss the signal. This seemed to satisfy her and I felt my good deed for the day done. But few minutes later another tap. Question: why do they signal one for a girl and two for a boy. Frankly I was at a loss, I really didn't want to go into an anatomy lesson. So I casually asked her if she "was a married woman". I swear you could see the gears grinding and smell the grease burning, and when the light finally came on. She gave me a big smile. I felt like a dirty old man.
I don't get it & I'm not a kid
usually cows are sold by the pound and they will say 130---that means $1.30 a pound

usually only small calves will be sold by the head...bottle calves and calves under 500 pounds. At least that is the way it is around here. We don't get RFDTV anymore but one of the neighbors sells feeder steers on there quite a bit. We just take ours to the local sale barn.
steers typically sell by the lbs or hundred weight....if it is 1.34 iti s by the lbs if it is 134 it is by the hundred weight...

cows and calves typically sell by the head

if they are showing a large group you will probably be buying all of them gotta pay attention

I have a degree in animal science and don'tget it either...
At the auction by me, milk and ornamental cows are sold per head and beef cows sold by the pound. Sometimes the seller can specify what they want, but this is typically the rules I follow!
Lots of cattle auction can also be viewed on the internet and you can even bid and buy them online.
If you're just getting into cattle, buying via the internet is not something I would recommend.

Steers, some heifers and butcher cows and bulls are sold by the pound or hundred weight.

Replacement heifers, brood cows and calves or pairs and breeding bulls are generally sold by the head.

The 130.00 would be $130 per hundred weight or $1.30 per pound.
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