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    Nov 28, 2017
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    One of my hen has started limping this morning.
    I inspected the foot and underneath and it seems OK.

    She is active, eating normally and running toward me when I go to the coop, so her mood is great as usual. She also jumps on the rocks and wood in the run. Obviously she is in pain, though.

    I don't think it could be scale mites because both feet look the same, but I am not an expert.
    What should I check for scale mites?

    What should I check to understand the cause? Or rule out lethal diseases?
    Please advice me what to do and how to perform any possible check because it's the first time for me.

    Thank you so much!
  2. chickenMamee

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    Aug 28, 2015
    Hernando, MS
    Photos available to post?
    She may have pulled a muscle or bruised her foot. Make sure that your roosting poles are at the right levels too.
    I have a large hen that would show signs of a leg or foot injury every so often. She was susceptible to getting bumble foot and at times would limp on one foot as if a tendon or bruising had occurred. Finally, after different of trying different methods, it was her weight and the height of her roosting pole that I figured out was the issue. Heavier breeds need lower roosting poles to prevent impact injuries.
    Just a suggestion of what may be causing some of your bird’s feet problems.

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