Causes of runny stool in adults?


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Sep 10, 2008
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I have a flock of EEs (and a token Silkie hen) who have some loose stool every now and then. It kind of comes and goes, with normal in between. Nobody acts sick at all. They eat layer mash and whatever they find foraging for a few hours each day. They also get treats (lettuce, squash, bread, seeds, and/or fruit) once a day in the evening. Could it be that their systems just don't like the treats? I've read a lot about cocci on here, but have gotten the impression that it's usually in chicks, not adults. Any ideas?? Thanks!
Vegetables give them runny poop. You can conduct an experiment: don't let them have any veggies for a few days and then feed them lettuce or cucumber and see what happens.
Ok, thanks. I have kind of seemed to notice it correlate with the fruit especially, but I thought maybe my mind was just making it up b/c I was in denial about diseases.

ETA: Should I not give them veggies or just deal w/ the runs?
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Abrupt changes in feed and stress are the two most common culprets of loose stools. In hot weather the combination of heat stress and the extra water drank is often the cause. As for Cocci, yes it is most common in chicks but can strike any age bird if it is exposed to a strain of Cocci that they have no immunity to.
So do I treat them for Cocci since they could have it, or just leave them alone since they don't act sick? It's definitely still warm here (90s) the heat stress could be part of it I suppose.
As long as they are acting normal and chasing bugs and stuff I wouldn't treat them. Usually the first sign of illness is keeping quiet, off to themselves and usually fluffed up or kinda hunched up in a ball.

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