Caution using builders sand.

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    Jun 6, 2013
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    Hi all! Just wanted to throw a word of caution out regarding builders sand that is not bagged. I love sand in my runs and aviary. One of the best things I have ever used. I just had a load delivered yesterday. I have bought it from this same builders supply store for several years. Today, while we we loading the wheelbarrow, my Granddaughters sharp little eyes found a roofing nail! I was stunned to say the least! We spread out the rest of the that load by hand and found another one. Now we will spend countless hours.... with magnets in the big pile of sand! Yay! what fun [​IMG] I will spread each grain by hand to avoid my ducks finding any more sharp metal objects to swallow!

    Speaking of magnets...I busted up some old speakers. The back side is a large magnet. I tied a long string to the speaker side. Now I can just walk along, without bending over, and pick up any dropped nails/screws/staples. Works great!
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    Yes, I would advise anyone ordering sand in bulk to examine it in person first to make sure it's not full of junk. I ordered my river sand over the phone on the spur of the moment and when it arrived there was all kinds of twigs and rocks mixed in, which was mostly fine, but the day I filled my coop I had to chase down a chick playing Keep Away with a giant rubber band.

    They also sell long magnets on a stick in the hardware section of home improvement stores. It's for picking up metal bits like screws and nuts off a shop floor, but I used it for the gravel driveway when I first moved into my house. Picked up about a pound of nails!
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    Loads of soil, mulch, compost, sand, gravel, all may have unknown objects in them.

  4. I'm a redneck my chickens free range part of the day in my yard, shop, and garage is full of loose stray items and kids. I live on a lake that has snakes in it.

    Next to a creek that has alligators Red tailed hawks fly by, coyotes and coons live across the street. I'm not going to panic if one of my chickens happens to find something to eat they should not have. I have dogs and cats too. In four months my dog has killed more chickens, (one), than anything else. LOL

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