Cayuga ducks, what to do


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May 11, 2020
Hi, first time incubating eggs!
I have 6 Cayuga eggs. All were moving before lockdown. Today is hatch day and I got 2 hatched yesterday (day 27) and 1 hatched today (day 28) but no pips or movements in the other 3 eggs.
so I’m wondering can I take the ducks out and put them in the brooder and let the rest take their time? They’ve been pushing the eggs all day. 2 have been in for over 24 hours now and the one is about 13 hours

will my other 3 hatch?


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May 27, 2020
As long as the hatched babies are all fluffed up and dried it will be ok. It will be a chance for you to check the other eggs for viability. Simply put the eggs up to your ear and you should hear the duckling scratching at the shell and chirping. If you don't then do the float test and candle the eggs to check for movement. Remember some ducklings can take longer to hatch. Sometimes they aren't out till day 30.

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