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    I am looking to fence around my coop/run. I have access to Cedar fence posts to do the fence, I would be using metal fencing attached to the posts . I know that Cedar is not good for chickens in their bedding, curious to know if it is an issue to use in my fence. At the closest, a few of the posts would be about 3 feet away from the enclosure. TIA!!
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    Yes, cedar oils can be toxic to chickens. pine wood is very good for them, this is what we use for our birds. Cedar may be durable and waterproof, but is is not good for your flock.
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    I would not make the coop itself out of cedar since they would be inside a box full of fumes, but I don't see any harm in using cedar fence posts outside. The fumes shouldn't be bad and there is no dust for the birds to be inhaling.
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    Fence posts that are cedar are fine to use. They would be in the open air... Not like cedar shavings or a cedar wood built coop where the chickens would actually be inhaling the fumes from it. That's the type of posts I would use if I were making a fence that needed posts!
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    Thank you all for your expertise! I figured cedar fence posts would be OK - but wanted to ask the experts! :eek:)
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    The cedar that is considered harmful is the eastern aromatic cedar. It is often used for closet lining, has a strong aroma. Most posts are western red cedar and not a problem. We planked the entire front of our coop with western red cedar fence pickets 5 years ago, and it has been fine.
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