Cedar lined wall?


6 Years
May 8, 2013
I was thinking about building a fancy bantam coop. But a question I have is can I line the external wall with cedar? I'd use a thick piece of plywood or particle board beneath it. But basically taking thick layers of cedar on top of them and screwing them from the inside-out so it looks like flat cedar boards lining the outside of the coop. I've heard cedar coops produce a smell in the heat which are bad for chickens, but if I just line the oustide of the coop, will it be not that bad?

I'm looking for a look like this on the outside (again, particle board or plywood on the inside):

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Cedar lumber probably won't cause adverse respiratory effects like aromatic cedar shavings can, even if it's inside the coop.
Cedar lumber is a great choice for weathering and pest/mildew resistance but can be very expensive depending on where you live.
As I understand, the problem with cedar is the dust. Historically, dust from milling and cutting cedar causes respiratory problems. In building applications, the dust would have settled to the point that it should not be a problem after all the work is complete. The odor from cedar fades over time due to the weathering effects on its surface. This occurs even inside storage cabinets designed for clothing as being resistant to moths.


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