Central Texas hatching eggs


9 Years
Aug 12, 2010
Austin, TX
Hey friends!
It's that time of year to teach my students about the wonderful thing we know as life, and life cycles. I am trying to find some folks who have fertilized eggs in/near Central Texas. I live in Austin.
I have had chickens in the past and help run our current coop at the school so I am no newbie with chickens. My incubator holds 40 eggs. They don't have to be fancy (though I do like teaching my students and staff that chickens can have all kind of looks). Please let me know! Donations are great since it's for a school but I am willing to pay out of pocket as well.
Although I am in a rural location of NEW YORK STATE ,which is a pretty long voyage for shipped eggs lol .I would be willing to donate via flat rate mail if you could pay shipping fees I could send you a dozen if you find that you need them !Btw I have SWEDISH FLOWER HENS ,EE and OE
Ive got mix chickens if you want i have 2 roos a buff brahmah bantam and a silver laced wyandotte and my ladies that are laying right now are red sexlinks and americana look like this as babies ( ignore the 3 that are completely different than the rest those i got from someone else) also i have so far in the last 4 batches 100% fertility rate and something like 95% hatch rate


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