ceramic heater in coop anyone ever try it?

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    okay so home depot has ceramic heaters on sale for $20 every tells me they are really cheap to run but wont heat a large space so here was my thought. Would one work in my coop to keep the waterer from freezing and the girls happy this winter. I need to look into them a little more and see if they can be set to keep a temp of like 35-40 , just enough to keep the water from freezing. But the way I am currently looking at it they have to be cheaper to run then a heat lamp over the roost and a 60 watt bulb in concrete blocks under the waterer to keep it from freezing up. What do you all think is this crazy or could it actually work?
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    Skip the heat. I use heated dog bowls for water and no heat at all, and I'm in the northeast also. Even into double negative temps, all was fine.
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    I think it would work well and it's not crazy. I use an electric heater. Takes the edge off the winter cold, and keeps the water thawed.


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