Ceramic pannel - how much heat do they generate?


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I am wondering if this ceramic panel would be enough for me:

But I have no idea how to calculate the heat it will emit.

I was wondering if anyone could share their ceramic panel setups? Like the size of coop, lowest winter temperature and number of watts of the ceramic panel.

My coop is 12 X 8 feet, 5 feet high. Our coldest times are around -35C or -31F. It is insulated with 1 inch (or 1.5??) blue styrofoam boards. I have 6 chickens in the winter time (I think they will generate 60 watt of heat if I remember properly).

I do understand that chickens don't need to be as warm as we do in winter. But I do have a job, and sometimes I go for a beer after work ;) I would like to know that I don't need to rush home and take water to the coop because it froze up a few hours ago, so my goal is just to maintain a temperature around freezing point or a little less.


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That is risky because of possible power outages, you want them to become acclimated to the cold weather so they grow lots of feathers. If you get them used to warmer temps and you lose power it can be a real shocker to their system.

Keeping the whole coop warm enough to keep water from freezing in those temps is futile if you have adequate ventilation for releasing moisture and ammonia out of the coop....ammonia is a respiratory irritant(plus it stinks) and humidity is what causes frostbite near freezing temps. I had frostbite at 29F but not at 10F to -10F.

You need something to keep just the water from freezing.

That said....here's a search for you to peruse:
advanced search>titles only>heat panel

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