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9 Years
Oct 29, 2010
I am planning my chicken coop and run. My plan is only to have small flock - maybe 4 chickens. I have chain link dog kennel panels that would give me a run of 10ftX 6ft (and 6ft tall) - with plans for a shade cloth roof for protection against hawks. Is the chain link suitab le for chickens?
Then I plan to have an elevated coop of 4' X 2' X 2' - with an attached laying box. With ventilation - is this big enough. I live in Southern California - weather is normally hot & dry (the run will be under trees for shade), with only a few nights below freezing. My htouhgts are the coop will only be for sleeping (nad, hopefully egg laying).

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I use a dog run that is attached to the coop. I took hardware cloth and buried it around the bottom perimeter of the run and also attached it to the run about 4 foot up for extra safety. I use to use a tarp for a cover on the run but rain and wind (heavy storm) ripped it off so now I'm using the corrugated plastic sheets (I have no idea what they are actually called). But the tarp will suffice as long as you lock your chickens up at night, raccoons can get in the run if you only have a tarp.
We used an old dog kennel, too. Ours is 10'x20'x6'high. We put 1"x2" welded wire around the bottom half of the chain link to keep things from reaching in and grabbing the chickens. We also put a roof over part of it and wire over the rest.

We lock our girls in the coop at night or we would have wrapped the whole run in 1"x2" welded wire.

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Hello from Tucson!! I also have a run made of chainlink dog kennel panels. The panels works great, but you have to wrap the chainlink with chicken wire or hardware cloth to keep predators out, and also to keep the chickens from sticking their heads out and getting them bitten off. I found that out the hard way when my dog bit off one of my chicken's heads. No problems since I attached the chicken wire. My coop is inside the kennel (10'x25'), totally surrounded by the panels. I had a tarp over the run, but with our brutal sunlight, it only lasted one year. My plan is to use those corrugated metal/plastic panels to provide shade. Good luck.
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LOVE LOVE LOVE chain link panels for chicken run! My run is 12'x12' with a small elevated 4'x4' coop inside. I don't have much of a predator problem here since my dogs keep all the unwanted critters at bay so I don't have a top on mine or anything. I'm prob going to put flight netting over the top of it this summer because there is a new turkey vulture nest in one of the neighbors big pine trees and I don't want my chx to be vulture fodder.

Chain link panels are not the cheapest way to go but I've moved my coop 3 times and re-configured the run numerous times (trying to get the backyard perfect:) ) and the panels make it really easy to do that.

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