Change Cobb County Code Chapter 134-197

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    Help a Backyard Chicken keeper change the code in Cobb Co. GA

    Change Cobb County Code Chapter 134-197

    To Change the 'Zoning Ordinance' that essentially Outlaws Backyard Chickens in Cobb County thru gaining Community Support and working with the Board of Commissioners.

    Chickens are becoming more prevalent in backyards of urban communities as small groups in cities across the U.S. have begun to promote keeping city flocks. Reasons for keeping a flock include; a step towards self-sufficiency through the backyard production of eggs, a compatible partner to a backyard garden through pest control and the production of fertilizer, a cut down on kitchen scraps by feeding to the flock, education for children on where food comes from, and the desire for some to enjoy aspects of "country living" despite their urban environment.

    Please Help Us!

    Please E-mail your local Commissioner & tell them that you want the Right to own chickens on your property in Cobb County~ They need to here it from YOU! Click HERE for their E-mails-
    We are a new group. We need to get the word out! Link to this website every chance that you can~

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