Changed from red light to clear!

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10 Years
May 1, 2009
Last night I changed the 250 red bulb to a clear 100 watt I think it is, anyway my chicks are afraid of it I think! I had to lower it too cuz its not half as warm as that wopping 250. My chicks are 2 weeks today and the weather is warmer which is making a diff too so had to change that bulb. But what can I do they are at the other end of the brooder, and it cannot be cuz they are hot cuz before they werent doing that. What can I do, I was trying to get them to come back at that side but they didn't really want to! Thoughts, are they afraid?

Can you put the light in the middle, and food on one side, water on another?
Or try a different brooder box.

I just got some really nervous cochins, and I ended up putting a teddy bear in with them until they decided to sit on top of it and it got all poopy. The last time I upgraded them to a bigger brooder, I left it out and they're fine now.
Thankyou, I have the light at one end with water at both ends and food at one end and in the middle! I really don't have anything diff for a brooder.
I could put the light in the middle I guess, Glad it worked out for your Cochins, that is what I have too! I love them!!!

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