- changed my mind ...


13 Years
Nov 30, 2009
New Hampshire
With the cold weather setting in like it is - I don't want to have to accomadate for ducklings... the broody lady is just going to have to wait until spring

But thank you anyway !

I'd like to get a half dozen or so Muscovy hatching eggs...

I'm in NH.
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WOW - quite the collection - I love looking at all the pictures. !

Do you know what colors are laying?

Do you have a shipping price ?
I don't I have alot going on with moving and the purchasing of our new place, and family is helping me right now, all they know to do is go collect eggs and put them in the turner on the kitchen table, as far as a price, I usually list on ebay auctions under hatching duck eggs and my ebay name is linda_zeagler31020, but any of my customers will tell you I list them for $12 for 12 variety eggs, and $12.95 postage, insured, and delivery confirmation, and if the postage paid allows I put in all the extra eggs up to postage paid weight on the $12.95 which has been averaging a extra dozen to buyers. But if interested let me know, you have my info and website.
sounds great
... I'm hoping to be ready late winter/early spring for some ... I'm doing some coop remodeling right now to prepare
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