Changed to, My 9 yr old is a chicken addict!


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
I went to the library and I checked out several books on chicks and hatching, one being The Better Guide to Hatching.

When I got home my nine year old daughter perused my pile of books and quickly snatched one and took off to commence reading it. She chose Success With Baby Chicks and I can't get her to put it down!!

So today she keeps coming out and telling me things like, "Mom, you don't put wrinkly or dirty eggs in an incubator. " and "Mom, are you sure that your's are in a draft free area?"

And then she asked, "When I finish this book, may I please read Stories Guide to Raising Chickens?"

OMG I created a chicken addict!!
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My daughter currently has 5 buff Brahma Bantams (Greta is my avatar) and when we went to Meyer on Sept 2 she somehow managed to get me to agree to 3 creole chicks for herself!

She used her own birthday money to buy 3 RIR from TSC this past spring. She was disappointed that they all turned out to be roos. She is currently pleading her case for some RIR hens....
Yup, I think she is a full fledged Chicken Addict!!

She knows I have the 'bator coming and she wants to know if I am going to let her put her own eggs in there!
My nine year old does NOTHING but talk about and red about chickens. She's out of her mind. Nine is a great age for facts and enthusiasms, the height of latency and external interests. Legos for some, chix for others . . . better let her talk to my daughter then...who convinced me she 'NEEDED' silkies...

Ohh I know that one all too well. Guess what I am doing tomorrow? Driving an hour and a half away to pick up Silkie eggs for my 9 yr old son that sez "Mom, can I puleeeeze have a silkie" I would move heaven and earth to keep him this way.​

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