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    So although this is not a baby chick issue I wanted to share with you all - since this is the thread I most often post on I feel like I know some of you!

    Yesterday we returned our almost 9 week Splash English Orpington chick to the breeder since he's a roos and we couldn't keep him. I was very grateful that the breeder was willing to take him back so I didn't have to stress too much. This is one of our last pictures of Hedwig before we took him back.


    And in preparation for a hole in our flock I found a Silver Laced Wyandotte who is a few months older than the rest of my flock. She''s currently in quarantine in a big dog crate in the garage. We named her Lacy. I've been wanting a Wyandotte since figuring out all the breeds. She's sweet and seems pretty healthy and tame. A bit of an issue this morning with diarrhea. I may do a 1/2 dose of Corid in case she's fighting off Cocci. She is 6 months


    And this morning we got our first egg from her. Well our first egg from anyone. Although it wasn't her first egg it was still exciting!


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    Congratulations on your first egg! Lacy looks like a very pretty girl, Wyandottes are a really nice breed. Hopefully the stress of moving is just causing a bit of a digestive upset. Sorry about Hedwig, always hard to give them up when they turn into roos since they are pets.

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