Changing Chicken Laws in Ranchos Palos Verdes

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8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
A client of ours just got a letter from the city about keeping unpermitted animals. Has anyone else in this area received a similar letter? Do you know if there is anyone heading the fight to change the ordinances in RPV?


7 Years
Dec 30, 2012
Strange. I would think that RPV would allow chickens since there are horses and wild peacocks in the neighborhood. Maybe that is in PV instead. I know a lady in Santa Ana that got some help from a group of chicken keeppers and fought with the city and was able to change the ordinance so that she could keep chickens. The old rule only allows chickens if they were 100 ft away from the neighbors.It was changed to 30ft. The city did a study on the health hazard of keeping chickens and looked at the rules of neighboring cities and found that it was acceptable to keep chickens closer. It might be a tougher fight if RPV does not allow chickens in the first place, but it is more and more acceptable and many cities allow it.

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