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  1. At what age do I switch my chicks from Chick Starter to a grower/finisher feed ? I am feeding pullets that will grow up to be laying hens.

  2. Marlinchaser

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    Oct 18, 2007
    depends on the brand, if its purina they recommend you feed starter/grower till they start to lay. If it is another brand read the bag it should tell you.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    when changing the feed depends on what protein level you want for more meat on the chickens body weight
    and always change feed by adding 1/2 new feed and 1/2 old feed till old feed is used up so they don't get like not eating new feed
    actually I always left mine on grower til 8 months old
    that gives them more protein level in the feed
    especially if you are feeding grains as treats
    the grains apprx are
    corn 9-10% protein
    wheat 11-13% protein
    oats 11-13% protein

    so say you are feeding 18% protein in crumbles
    this is how you figure protein amts
    say using
    a large ceeal bowl of each of the above

    that would total 54% protein divided by 4 bowls full and it would be 13-1/2 % protein they would be eating

    so you have to remember when feeding treats it deminishing the amount of body protein it is giving the birds

    always give granite grit if feeding grains

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