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    Apr 3, 2008
    this maybe a stupid question but how do chickens handle it if i have a wounded chicken out of the flock for while til she back in health?neighbors dog killed one today and wounded another pretty good ....i hope she makes it .....shes one of my only 2 whiterocks
  2. You should concider seperating her so that the others don't pick at her wounds and possibly administer some antibiotics to her without giving them to the whole flock and therefore making all the eggs unusable. Dog crates work well enough for this. You just have to give her enough of a chance to heal and want to make sure that your other birds don't turn canibalistic. Another thing you might want to do is to give her some extra protein from meat based sources like tuna, canned salmon, boiled chopped eggs, kitchen scraps. That will give her a bit of a boost and help with regrowth of feathers and muscle.
    Also, look through old posts in the emergencies section and you will get more information.
    Good luck

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