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Mar 3, 2008
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I have started to collect a list of all the flocks currently in existence. I will be working in collaboration with Rare Breeds Canada on this project to collect as much information regarding the true number of Chantecler in the world. This project is also being done on behalf of Chantecler Fanciers International.

In order to do this I need all of your help. So I am most humbly asking if everyone that owns Chantecler (all types) could please sign on this thread. Please feel free to add any information you wish including types, numbers, sources (bloodlines), and if you sell them.

If there is any information regarding your flock that you would like to have included but do not wish to post here please PM or email me. Any information sent by PM or email will be kept private unless directed by you. If you know of flocks that are not on this site then please add those. BUT, if you are going to add any personal information regarding those, PLEASE email the information to me, do not post it unless you have asked them.

The more detail regarding your birds the better. The more information we are able to collect the more that can be done with it. Part of the reason for doing this is to improve the chances of preservation. Having information about many different flocks and bloodlines will make it easier to improve the confirmation and productivity of the breed into the future.

These are my long term hopes for this project.

Many thanks to everyone.

I forgot I already posted here.
If this post constitutes double posting then I am very sorry and fully expect that it would be removed from the forum. Please accept my apologies.
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Thank you everyone.

Database is coming along very well. More added every day. More details coming in about each flock. Currently I am at 49 flocks!

Please keep it up. The more the better.

I would like to ask if people are willing to have their name and any contact information included in the database. Some of the people that sell theirs have been giving us contact information so that their flocks can be potentially used in future improvement and preservation efforts. If you are willing to have any of this information included please send me an email with the specific information you would like included. For most this will be an email address, name, and general location.

Thank again to everyone that has helped with this effort.
Just recieved an email confirmation. I should have possession in a few hours. Ordered them from Ideal with some replacement buff ducks. Would like to learn more about both the variety and the breed.

What was used to create the Buff variety?

Thank you.
Here is a quote from Chantecler Fanciers International regarding the breed and types:
The Chantecler breed was developed in the early 1900's by Brother Wilfred, a monk in Quebec who realized that Canada had no chicken breed of its own. He set out to develop a uniquely Canadian breed that would provide good eggs, meat, and could withstand harsh cold climates.

Breeds that went into development of the original White Chantecler include the Dark Cornish, White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, White Wyandotte, and White Plymouth Rock. The White Chantecler was admitted into the APA Standard of Perfection in 1921.

Dr. J. E. Wilkinson of Alberta developed the Partridge variety a decade or two later by crossing the Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish, and the Rose Comb Brown Leghorn. Partridge Chanteclers were admitted into the Standard in 1935.

A third color, Buff, was developed by the late Walter Franklin in the United States in the early 1980s. Franklin used Buff Cornish, Buff Wyandottes and Buff Plymouth to develop this newest variety. Although this variety is the most widely bred, it is still not recognized by the APA Standard of Perfection at this time.

The Chantecler is found in both Large Fowl and Bantam for White and Partridge varieties, and currently only in Large Fowl for the Buff variety.

The Buff variety is widely bred in the USA only. It is more difficult to find in Canada at present, but is increasing in numbers. I currently have 11 Buff flocks listed.​
I don't know if this will count because I won't receive mine until after May 5th (that is when they are supposed to be hatched) from Ideal. I ordered 10 Red Chanteclers as St. Run. Ideal's website states "Red Chanteclers originated at Ideal Poultry from an original cross in 2002 involving Buff and Partridge Chanteclers."
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I can put you down as awaiting shipment if you would like.

I will just need a confirmation once they arrive, so that we can put in the numbers of pullets and cockerels.

Thank you for the information.

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