Charlotte area chickens / geese / turkeys in need of free rehoming


5 Years
Oct 6, 2014
I have some birds that I ordered from Tractor Supply Co this spring. They arrived on May 27th, 2014, and I am no longer able to keep them on the premises. I am interested in rehoming them all free of charge to good homes. Unfortunately, I am on a time crunch and need them gone this week. If anyone is interested, please contact me via this thread or PM.

I can ship within an hour outside of Charlotte, but would prefer a pick-up. They are all freely roaming inside my fenced yard, and are fed with G&M Milling Poultry Feeds. I do have a 50LB bag of extra feed that can be picked up with the birds.

List of available birds:

5 White Geese? (I believe I ordered 5 Chinese Geese, but they may be Pekin Ducks? I don't know how to tell the difference at this age)
4 Black Australorp Hens
3 Cornish Game (2 Hens, 1 Rooster)
2 Bourbon Red Turkeys (I think they are both male)
1 Barred Rock Hen

These were all part of my first flock of birds, so I may have misidentified them. I was raising them for meat, but I feel like they are not large enough yet, and I am also having a very hard time killing them myself for sentimental reasons (I guess I'm a big softy).

If I have not heard from anyone by Thursday, October 9th, 2014, they will be killed and eaten.

Take one or take all, I just need them gone by Thursday.
I forgot to mention there are two chicks that were hatched and raised by a Production Red mix (also purchased from TSC early this spring). She made her own nest and hatched out these two chicks about 3 weeks ago. They have been outside the whole time and seem to be doing very well with their mother. The set of 3 is also available for free re-homing.

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