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    So my boyfriend got up early and went outside and he said he heard the chickens running and making noise. He thought they were fighting but once he got to looking he said they were "chasing a tootsie roll mouse" ( small mouse ). One I am frustrated that I am having problems already from attracting rodents and two I am mad I missed it! Three I am mad THEY missed it! He said it got away. I only feed what I think they can eat but there is always some cracked corn left. They are not to fond of it and it takes them awhile to get it pecked up. I keep all my feed in the house so I know that isn't attracting them.
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    I found a mouse in my scratch the other day,it’s terrible.
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    I caught my hens playing 'keep away' with a vole once. One hen would block the vole's path, so the vole would change direction, only to find another hen in it's way! I felt bad for the vole...but it was fun to watch!

    You've probably always had a mouse or two around before this....but now that you've added a food source, well, you'll find more of them.

    We like the JAWS traps available from Menards. They work nearly 100% of the time. And your fingers never go near the little critter...nor get pinched by the trap either! The mouse is simply being the 'clean-up crew' for the chickens. Not a bad service, but I don't like the diseases they carry. Ants also clean up well from the chickens...without the diseases. So that's what I choose to allow near my flock.
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