Chat Thread for the New Crazy 24 hour Auction

lol.. so many threads to keep track of!...

So to get the ball rolling how about posting some pics of our fav chickens/horses/dogs/pets/coops etc

and we can discuss all about incubation and just about anything you guys want.

If you want to introduce yourself that is great too so we all know a little about you or at least your interests

I live in San Diego but came to the US from England 16 years ago. I am a Mom to 3 amazing kids and a DH (all VERY hard work), have a full time job, and too many chickens. The oldest DD is 17 and just left for college.

I love the cream legbars - they are beautiful smart and lay tons of blue eggs. A bunch of projects. For fun we have a old Brabanter hen, an opinionated wheaten ameraucana and 2 beautiful swedish flower hens, and am addicted to hatching.
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I'm Arielle-- based on my first chicken. Live on a small farm, with chickens, ducks, turkeys, cats, dogs, horses and sheep. ANd kids. lol THe addition of poultry has added a new and wonderful dimension to our farm.

THis summer I learned how to can meats and I"m learning how and what to plant to benefit the grazing livestock. AND I'm hoping to get a small flock of Konza Prarie Chickens if all goes well!!
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