Cheap feed for Cornish X


11 Years
Oct 8, 2008
Albany, ME
I know I read of two less expensive options for feed for meat birds on here but I can't seem to find the post now. If anyone knows of options less expensive than the typical grower feed please post. Thanks from my checking account in advance.
I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but if you have the mill grind your feed for you, rather than getting the prebagged stuff, it cuts your price by almost 1/2.
Instead of the broiler, fat and finish, use just Grower crumbles. I do not believe we have the option here in our area to get them done at a mill.
Add scratch, tractor, and turn their light off at night. I did mine 24/7 and as soon as they could eat pellets, that is what they went to, less waste.
Also, last year I used the bags with holes in them from PFU. $5 bag of layer crumble is just as well for these guys. During these past few weeks where they were huge, I'd turn the light off in the day, natural light when it was warm and keep them quiet, then at night a 60 watt bulb for eating, also they went through 100lbs of pellets in 5 days. I was told that was about right.
Good luck!
I just bought 5 - 50 pound bags of grower. They gave me 10 - 25 pounders. I have to admit it was easier to carry. I hope that is it for them. Eat up guys!!!!
Recently I was discussing the amount of feed these guys ate and the pres of the Poultry Club said that was about right for 24 birds. Needless to say, I'm going to corner him for a food conversion chart!
The 14 that I processed last week at process, I deboned, skun and pieced all but 3, but weighed out at 45 lbs. Quite a bit of waste too.
So it was good, I believe the whole birds went approx 4lbs each dressed. That is still more then enough for our family, but the 10 I have left seemed to have added on another few lbs!
Can't wait to share that amount.
Caprice, you need a few meat chicks!?!?

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