Check out what greeted me this AM

robot rooster

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10 Years
Feb 5, 2009
During my morning chores I happened to walk by the egg door and opened it up to see the head of a black snake staring right at me. I knew it was too early for them to get an egg, as my girls usually lay later on in the morning, but it was in the egg box that they usually lay in (I have two boxes) I normally pull three to four eggs a day from them, but noticed yesterday I only had two......wonder how long it had been in there? I pulled it out and that sucker was at least 5 foot long! Hey, a small price to pay for no rats or mice (I live next to the biggest field ever, grass has not been cut in three years!
that D@mn snake came back! i took it far into the woods, hopefully he won't find his way back!

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