Checking for heart beat on eggs

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    This time I'm doing both, candling and checking for heart beats. First I candle to see blood vessels, and later I use a stethoscope to check for a heart beat when they are dark. That way you can toss the truly dead ones and don't have to worry about exploding eggs. Today is week 2 on my eggs and I had fun listening to their heart beats.

    I've found a cheap stethoscope on ebay, I've bought it through "buy it now", and had it 3 days later. This one is brand new and excellent. Best is was under 4 dollars without shipping. I've paid a total of 7 dollars including shipping. Can't beat that and their service was great. So here is the link for the stethoscope I've purchased. Check out their other ones, because they do come in various colors. This one is actually a descent one, even if it is cheap. I think it will last for years.
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    Aug 18, 2009
    What a great idea! I never thought of that. I have a stethoscope for my horses. Now I just have to find it [​IMG] Thanks for the info
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    I've been trying that with my Emu eggs, at 21 days I can't hear anything, but the other methods of telling are making me think they're developing.
    I find it hard getting the stethoscope to stay in one spot while trying to listen, and if you hold the chestpiece or stem you may actually be listening to your own heart beat echoing through from your finger tips.
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    You could try a single head stethoscope and see if that reduces the problem of hearing your own heart beat or perhaps get a new membrane for it. I went and checked the cheap one I've purchased and it does not transfer your own heart beat while holding the head. Even it you put your finger on the small head, which can also be used for listening. I've only tested it on duck eggs, so I'm not sure about such large egg. All I know the one I listed with a link does work for me.

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