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i just got two new birds of unknown history from my local animal control officer. they are both laying hens and appear to be on sound health. how ever there have been instances of sick birds in town and i would like to know how to tell if they are sick, with possibly a disease that you cant actually see (Mycoplasma Gallisepticum).

Right now i have they in quarantine away from my other birds and they will be there for a while. but is it possible to bring them somewhere and have their blood tested? with out killing them? from the other people in town i have talked to they took their birds to the local college to have it tested but they had to cull the bird in order to do so.

Also does any one have a guess on the breed of them chickens? they are Medium sized, white/cream colored, with big red combs
You can contact your local extension office or state agriculture department and find out where you can get blood drawn. Keep in mind that bloodwork doesnt detect most poultry diseases, but I know for sure it will detect mycoplasma diseases.

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