Chesterfield County - how can we change the code?

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    My husband and I have recently gotten a letter from Chesterfield County because someone complained to them about our chickens, which we have had for the last 3 years. We have 8 little bantams, all hens, no roosters. They cause no harm in the yard. When we are at work they are in the coop, and when we are home they have free range of the back yard and are guarded by our dog and cat who love them dearly. And no the dog and can't wont eat them, they actually guard the yard from other animals getting in and harming our chickens.

    The county is being nice and working with us as we make arrangements to find new homes for them. Or we can pay $1000 to the county for a permit that we are not guaranteed to be approved on.

    If I understand correctly Henrico allows backyard chickens and Richmond allows backyard chickens. Maybe I am mistaken, but I would like to know how to go about getting the law changed for Chesterfield County.

    Apparently up until 1994 residents of Chesterfield County were allowed up to 12 chickens in the yard, but with the roosters and people letting their chickens wonder around Chesterfield changed the law.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to change this law??

    Thank you!!
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    We are forming a Chesterfield Chickens group to change this! You can find us on Facebook as The Coop. There are other communities that have successfully gotten their ordinances changed (sadly not Richmond or Henrico yet but they are making great strides towards this!) and we are looking to them as examples! If you choose to 'Like' and follow The Coop we'll be keeping up to date on how you can get involved and help! Only by working together can we make a difference!
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    poked around for an hour trying to find this for you.

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