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On April 16th I picked up 8 day old Ameraucanas "outs" from a local breeder. These are true Ameraucanas but were declared "outs" by only having half a muff or an off color or other oddities. The first day we brought them home they were great and didn't seem to mind people. They are now 8 days old and are completely terrified of us! They are set up in a brooder in our office and every time we come in to use the office they totally freak out, run to the corner of their brooder and chirp like I'm coming for fresh chicken wings. We unfortunately did not see the write up here on BYC about socialization and had already picked them up and handled them a few times. Once we found the instructions posted here we stopped picking them up and tried just placing a hand in the brooder. They all still just huddle together in the corner and fall asleep trying to stay far away from us. I tried getting them to eat out of my hand. Only about two have been brave enough to peck at the chic feed but are still far from excited to interact with us. I really want to avoid having mean or timid chickens. Are there any other tips or tricks I can use to get them used to us and maybe even happy to interact with us? I've spent hours crouched over the brooder with a hand full of feed in the brooder and still they seem terrified of my presence.


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One thing to remember is that chickens are prey animals and are fearful of approach from above. Get them to associate you with food. This may mean that you must stop ad lib feeding and feed small quantities many times during the day. Use a word or sound (I whistle when I feed) so that they associate the sound with food. Move slowly and be patient. You can win them over.
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Chickens love chick feed (the pellets) mixed with water
. I would try what we do and us a mini ice cream sampler spoon and scoop some what we call it mushy food and hold the spoon near them. If you really want them to like it put some sugar into the water before you make the food soft
What they might need is some time. I noticed that the older the get the more they want to fend for themselves and run with the group but when they get old enough they warm up to you again as long as you don't hurt them or scare them to much

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