Chick died 5 left help


May 7, 2015
St Louis
I have 5 chicks left from the 6 I bought sunday. The chick that died was sitting with her wings out from her body last night and making and little barely audible noise. Only part of the cage has the heat lamp. Today she was laying on her side and I picked her up and she was practically lifeless. She acted almost like she had a seizure throwing her head around a bit then died. She pooped white watery stuff after she passed. Worried about pullorum. These r our first chcickens/chicks. They r only 1 1/2 week old.
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Sorry for your loss, I lost a chick when it was the same age. Never figured out exactly what it was, but the rest were fine and stayed alive. Clean their space well, keep the water clean, make sure no bullying occurs, and good luck with the rest of the flock. I think chicks just don't make it sometimes. I hope the rest grow big for you. I'm a novice, so I don't pretend to know everything. Best wishes :)

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