Chick died


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6 Years
Jun 26, 2013
Hello well I have a buff orpington about 14 weeks old and I left her alone for 5 min with 4 4 week old chicks and I came back and one of them was dead. Did my bigger chicken kill it? Please help
What do you have them in? Maybe if you had them cramped in something small, the big one might have accidentally killed it. Or the big one could dislike them and so it killed one? I'm not sure.
Also, I'm not sure but if its possible a bee might have stung it or something if it was outside. Or it was too hot or sick. I'm not sure. Just some guesses. :) I hope all of your chicks will be okay. :)
They were in a coop with a lot of room. I feel horrible that that happened to her
Well I'm not sure. Do you have a light in the coop? Maybe it wasn't hot enough. I'm so sorry that happened. :( Im not sure what it was. Did you check the body of the chick? Did it have any markings of being hurt?

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