Chick drinks but doesn’t eat

A.M. Eggs

Jan 7, 2018
Wichita Falls, TX
I have a lot of experience with raising baby chicks, but I have never experienced a chick that drinks water just fine and doesn’t eat. The chick in question is now four days old. The first two days were pretty rough with the chick being lethargic and unresponsive until I finally got it to drink the electrolyte water. Now it is drinking just fine. I have noticed it getting better since then but I have never once seen it eat, even when the others are eating out of my hand or from the feeder. This chick can’t survive on just electrolyte water. How can I get it to eat? I have tried mashed hard boiled egg but it didn’t eat any of it. I even made the mama hen noises! It has tried pecking at the feeder and the ground but still no luck. Am I going to have to let nature take its course and hope that it figures it out or should I try something else? I was thinking about making a mash.

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