Chick dying in the egg


5 Years
Mar 27, 2019
Hi there, just wrapped up incubating my eggs, on the 26th day. I waited 2 days for a silkie chick that had broken through the egg with its beak but never was able to make it all the way through. Stopped making noises and moving all together. I posted this on a fb chicken group asking for help about what had happened and got so many evil comments about how I should have attempted to save it. I waited 2 days for it to move and it didnt. When it dies in the egg, what is that from? Let's see if I can get some actual answers instead of hate for not knowing when it was my first time incubating. Thanks everyone.
In my experience when a chick dies in the egg, they’ve usually gotten too dry to peck out and the shall will stick to them. They’ll get too weak and just give up ☹️I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it though, usually helping a chick still can result in death. Sorry about your loss though ☹️
Sorry for getting all the hate! I would not be able to handle having hate when I’m going through that! I’ve never had that happen but if your brave enough you should open the egg. I know it’s a hard sad task though!

I opened it and it was lifeless, no movement, no sounds. Its eyes were shut. They were saying that I should have put it back I because it didnt have all its nutrients or something. But I had given it 2 days to come out, after it started popping out and making noises. Then it just stopped. Like it had suffocated. Someone said it was because I had opened the incubator to take the other chicks that had hatched out, and that was what caused it to suffocate inside the egg and die? I only got a little bit of info before I had to just delete my post. 😕
They can get stuck. Was it positioned wrong or still have a yolk?

I'm really not sure how it was supposed to be on the inside or anything. When I peeled everything off of it and took it out, it was almost tied up inside of the egg. No yolk, just a little stickiness. It looked almost like if it would have pecked all the way through that it would have been a very healthy developed little chick. Except for a sac that was hanging off of it by its legs. Someone said that it should have absorbed that? But I think it passed before it could finish whatever it had to do. 🥺 breaks my heart when little babies die. This was my second silkie baby to not make it. The other one hatched completely and then just died only a few minutes later. Devastating.

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