Chick eye watering and matted feathers

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Nov 27, 2020
Hi this chick was given to me to replace another chick that I was sold that was supposed to be a hen but I was told on here was likely a cockerel. I believe the chick in question may be a young, 2-3 weekish(?) Rhode Island Red and her weight seems normal (she’s eating and drinking and moving around relatively normally). I noticed that she was keeping her left eye closed a lot and it was watery and slightly grey when she had it opened and her feathers were matted on her left backside. I don’t think she was doing it for very long before I noticed but I noticed on Friday. I haven’t noticed any of the other 4 chicks with her with any symptoms. No broken bones. I suspected possibly mites or lice so I gave them a little dust bath bowl with a DE and sand mixture and dusted the afflicted chick with the mixture and started using a Q-tip to apply triple-antibiotic ointment (without pain relief) outside her shut left eye. I haven’t noticed any bloody or runny poop with her. I hope to just treat her in-house as I’m not aware of vets in my area that would see a chick but I also wouldn’t know how to start looking for one exactly who has knowledge of poultry. I’m using pine shavings as bedding, and they’re eating a medicated chick starter.
started using a Q-tip to apply triple-antibiotic ointment (without pain relief) outside her shut left eye.
Hopefully this is not an indication of illness and just an injury.
Flush the eye with saline and apply an eye ointment like Terramycin into the eye or you can use plain Neosporin in the eye if that's all you can get.

I'm guessing the matted feathers are from her rubbing the eye against the feathers.

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