Chick has just hatched out and there is now 7 eggs to go what to do next do I leave her untill tomor

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    Apr 6, 2013
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    Hello, I have just found out one out of 8 bantam eggs has hatched and was wondering if I should leave her or to check on her what should I do next ?
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    Apr 23, 2013
    Keep her in the incubator (you are hatching the eggs, not a hen, right?) until she is completely dry. Be sure there is enough oxygen in there for her though. If you can keep her in there until another hatches, that would be best, that way when you put them in the brooder, they can huddle together.

    If she is with a mama hen, be sure you have moved or move right away the eggs, baby, and mama to a place where other chickens can't get to the babies. Make chick starter food and water accessible to the mama and chick. The mama does most of the work in this situation! Hope that more hatch!!
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    Yeah if the mom is in a place where there are a lot of chickens nearby move her to a more isolated place with the eggs and chick gently, make sure not to turn the eggs a lot or else the chicks would die inside. Disregard my first sentence if the mom is okay where she is now with the chick, then just leave the mom in the nest. She will naturally do what is best for the chick(s). When you think enough eggs have hatched which could take a day or two, then if the chicks are still in the nest take them down and give them some water and chick starter feed. Also if three or two or one eggs hasn't hatched after those days then that usually means its a late bloomer, if its peeping and kicking leave it alone and only help it if necessary, though if their is no action at all coming from the chick just do either of these options, 1) bury the egg, the chick may still be alive but sometimes late bloomers are just the weaker chicks that can die more easily in its chick stage. Natures way of weeding out the weak, 2) put it in a incubator and let the egg(s) have as much time as it needs to hatch, 3) leave the mama hen with the eggs and with the chicks, this may not let the chicks eat or drink since the mama hen is still broodyish and only stays in one place for most of the day but she may not be broody anymore since she thinks her eggs have hatched and she doesn't have to sit on them anymore.

    Hope this information helps!

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