Chick hatched from its shell and i think the left side of his body is paralyzed

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    Mar 24, 2012
    [​IMG]One of my eggs hatched the other day, from the first day it started hatching i noticed issues with it, it took it over 21 days to hatch and had to help it on the 25th day by the time he finished breaking out of the shell i noticed he could barely move and he looked like he had a growth/blockage on his anus i can't tell what it is but his shell was full of green stuff and its been over a day now he's been out of his shell and i've had him seperated from the other chicks so far he can't even get up and i've been watering him myself and he can't eat. I don't really wanna put him down but if i have to...Because i'm not taking a chick to a vet. Any suggestions?
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