Chick having trouble hatching?


Aug 28, 2017
So our first batch of chicks from our bantam roo hatched today and the very last one started pipping between 2 and 6 o'clock this morning and has a hole but the membrane is still covering the opening and the chick isn't doing anything. One of the chicks that hatched today cracked the egg yesterday and hatched today. Will the same thing happen with this one? Any info will be greatly appreciated!:lol:
I'm new to incubating eggs, but I've read it can take around 18 or more hours for some to hatch.
I had several chicks that pipped large chunks of shell off, but left all membrane intact for hours. They all hatched perfectly fine during the night without my intervention. I think yours is just taking a nap and will most likely start hatching while you sleep tonight :)
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