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    Okay so I have a 2 day old chick and he is the one who had the tumor thing. It is now gone but I've noticed that he seems to be a lot weaker than the others. And that he doesn't have much use of his left leg. What should I do? Will he get stronger? Another thing, there was a chick that was not hatching very well so 24 hours later I helped it out. I got it halfway out but it was even too weak for that. Now he's in the incubator laying on a towel just chirping. Not making any effort to move around. Is this normal? Will he get stronger? Also, his belly is like a bubble. There was a lot of blood in his egg. Everytime he chirps, it's like part of his umbilical cord comes out. This is my first time hatching and I've already lost one and I don't wanna lose another ):
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    Have you got some chick saver you can give them? Or a vitamin+electrolyte supplement for poultry/babies that you can add to their water? Otherwise make some sugar water and dribble it on the sides of their beaks to give them a little energy boost. I'm a bit confused about the "bubble" and the blood worries me. See if you can get some chick saver and just keep them warm for now. Hopefully they will recover.

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