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    Jun 2, 2016
    Today I washed up a couple eggs to cook for lunch. They had just been gathered a couple days ago and had been at room temp on my table. I cracked the 1st and the yolk poured out, there was some blood and what looked like a tiny gray embryo. I was saddened to think that I had cracked an egg with a baby in it, but I disposed of it and cracked the next one and blood came out! I looked through the cracked hole and it was full of a baby chick with feathers! Why is this happening? I have even older eggs that my husband accidentally left sit on a warm window sill and I'm afraid to even check those could we have accidently incubated them? I'm heartbroken over this baby chick... Please help!
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    I can't imagine a window incubating an egg to full growth. Possible that the egg had been looked over for a while in the nest and collected late...

    As for the early growth - possible maybe, that the heat from a window allowed it to develop that far - they grow rapidly for the most part so it doesn't take long to get a sizable embryo..
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    Jun 2, 2016
    It is possible that those had been overlooked because my children collect the eggs. butI would think they would have to have been in the coop for a long time and a hen would have had to be sitting on it for it to develop that far, right? Otherwise how would leaving the egg in the coop be any different than leaving it sit on my table? I have a ton of eggs in my kitchen including the ones my husband left on the window sill and now I'm afraid to use them. The chicks can't be developing in these eggs on my table, can they? Maybe I should be keeping them in the fridge
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    Yes, for full or almost full development of a chick, it would have had to been incubated either by broody or incubator. Temps above 80F can cause sporadic development at subnormal rates, but I don't think you'd see a formed chick without temps close to the recommended 99-102F temps. I would say, one of the hens were secretely sitting on the eggs and they were overlooked for a while.

    I would candle all remaining eggs that have been collected and check for development before using them, and I would change the collection practices.

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