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Jul 13, 2016
I had 2 chicks that were being raised by a broody hen, I keep them in a kennel outside so she can have her own little area and not be disturbed by the other chicks in the coop. (I keep my mother hen away from the rest of the flock, she stays in a separate area with the 10 week old chickens we have). When I went to let them out of their coops, I realized one of the barred rock chicks had been missing, I had assumed she had squeezed through the kennel to eat, but soon realized that she wasn't even there to begin with. I began to look around, I found no body, but found some feathers on the ground. Upon further searching I found the head. So it seems the body was eaten and the head was left. Any idea what this is? I was assuming raccoon or opossum because I think they'd be able to reach into the kennel. What do you guys think? I would like to know so we can set a live trap for it tonight. Thanks
any tracks, could be anything from a rat to raccoon, a live trap for raccoon size would probably do on this occasion provided the holes are small and you set it light
Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't see any tracks because they are set on grass. We are going to be setting a live trap tonight for it but I worry it will not fall for the trap and go for the easy chick instead. I haven't seen rats where I live and on previous occasions I've had chickens killed by Opossums and other things. There was a hawk spotted yesterday but I believe those guys usually hunt in the daytime and wouldn't be able to reach through the kennel.
hawks, owls and crows are puzzle breakers you would be amazed, in your live trap put something irresistible like an egg or molasses covered dog food, or even some canned cat food still in the can, if it happens to be a skunk in the trap simply throw a blanket over the trap and it will calm down and not spray then you can move it,

hope this helps
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I am assuming it was some sort of ground animal because I found a board knocked over. I have these boards set up around the gate so my chicks won't climb into the adult flock and that board was knocked over. It could've simply fallen over or something may have climbed over it to escape or get it. I will use an egg or 2 to lure them in and hopefully it works :) It'd be sad if I lost my last chick.

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