Chick Perch


13 Years
Mar 10, 2007
Central Florida
My chicks are two weeks old today. They are starting to fly up and sit on the water/food containers. We are going to build them a couple perches that sit abour 4 inches off the ground. Last time, we used square 1x1's. Anyone know if round perches are better? Does it really matter? Thanks!
We made a round perch just their size at 2 weeks old, within 1 week they were slipping off of it. Now at 3 1/2 weeks their perch is a 1x2 up on 5" blocks we had in the shed, and they love it.

Chickens' toes don't curl around a round pole, so flat makes more sense to me. JMO.

Love watching babies learn to roost, and play on perches.
I bought a perch for African Greys at Petsmart, and my babies loved it. I had a wire top on my brooder, and hung it from that. They only bad thing is, the brooder was in my bedroom, and every night, they would jump off the perch, and it would go flying around the brooder, knocking on the walls. Scared me to death.
My 4 week olds have decided that the two flat 1" roosts are no fun, so they all try to roost on the cord for the heat lamp. The thing is tied up tight, so I am not worried about them knocking it down, but it just makes me wonder sometimes

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