Chick pipped but no progress


10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
My chick pipped over 5 hours ago and has had no progress. Is this a problem? This is myfist time so I might just be over worried.
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I just had my first one hatch today. I will start by saying this. I seen an internal pip yesterday at 4pm. I candeled and saw the head in the air sac area. Anyway, I went to bed at 11pm, no pip. This morning at 9am there was a zip and it didn't hatch until 10:45am. I watched it non stop from 9am to 10:45 and it took many, many breaks. It would wiggle a little and stop for 2 minutes it would wiggle for 5 seconds and stop another minute on and on for an hour and 45 minutes. So to answer your question, I would say just give it time. Can you see the egg shaking at all. You'll have to watch it for a good 20 minutes, if there is shaking going on or if you can hear any peeping I would say it will be fine. Good luck!
Your lil one should be fine, I've know of some that have went 12+ hours after they pip. It was hard for me to be patient and wait but I've finally learned, I only help if its been way over 12hrs.. The less you mess with them and leave the incubator shut the more of a chance they'll have, moving them makes them reposition theirselves to hatch and opening the bator makes you loose humidity.
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Okay, sounds good. I'll just wait it out a while longer
. I am just afraid I will mess up
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I agree with what Pamperedpoultry said. It is the hardest thing to do to wait, but it is the best thing to do. I'm praying for you and the chick. I've seen 'em pop out pretty quickly and I've seen 'em take all day. Just don't open that bator. Keep us posted on the progress.

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