Chick problems


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5 Years
Aug 4, 2014
Have just relieved an order of ten chicks. Two of my white rocks aren't quite seems very uneasy on her feet and the other is limp, lethargic and barely doing anything. I've fed them both some sugar water from an eye dropper, and they have both pooped already. The other 8 are chirping and moving around, eating and drinking. Any thoughts on the two that are not quite 100%?
Some chicks just don't handle the stress of shipping well. You're doing what you can. Keep them warm and hydrated. Maybe offer them some finely chopped scrambled or hard boiled egg?
make sure to keep them somewhat protected from the others until they recover. chicks aren't especially aware of each other and can trample smaller or weaker chicks, even right away.
one chick has died, the other is "stargazing" now and I've been feeding vitamin water through an eyedropper and she's been taking it but no other changes.
Sav-a-chik electrolyte mix has worked!! Chick is now pecking and foraging in the bedding like the other 8. Will be adding a small amount of electrolyte solution to their water just to maintain vitamin levels. Also hand fed a diet of chick crumbles+warm water+honey. Will keep you guys posted

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