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The 3 biggest ones Chickens) are seperate from all the others. Thanks I will try it and see. I will watch them for a while to make sure they are okay.


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Apr 11, 2009
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I'm new to chickens, but I was forced to put my 2 (5 day old) Silkies in with my 3 (about 3 week old) MONSTROUS sized Brahmas and 3 (about 2 week old) EEs.

They were a little too curious when I put them directly in, so I separated them by a small screen for 2 days first, and got them used to eachother when I got them all out to play in the larger area of my kitchen with the Silkies on my lap, just so I could rebuke any roughness from the older chicks (oh yes, my chickies are very smart! they learned not to peck the hands within a few days of gentle taps on the beak whenever they pecked, and they stopped showing over-interest in the Silkies within a fwe sessions).

In a few days I put them all together, and never had ANY problems. Nobody ever lost a single feather. The only thing I had to watch for was the big birds got a little peckish if the Silkie's bottoms pasted up. As soon as I cleaned them, they were fine.

They were only together for a few weeks, at which point I was able to get more supplies and separate them (I was afraid of the Silkie's getting crushed by my clutzy, if sweet, Brahmas). The only thing I was worried about was the Brahmas leaping of their perch and landing on the Silkies, who were so tiny they could have been badly hurt.

Hope that helps!

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