Chick quit laying - reason????


Mar 6, 2016
This past friday I had a chick get sick and ended up dying on Sunday. She was one of two Leghorns I had. The other Leghorn has not laid an egg since Friday. She is acting fine, eating drinking etc. Can the shake up in the flock with the absence of one of the chickens cause this halting of egg production? The Black Stars I have also quit laying for a few days, but started back up again yesterday. It was unusually hot here last week, but the chicks death was not due to the heat

Thanks in advance for any input
Hi Kristy!

I'm sorry for your loss!
Chickens are very social creatures who bond with both their kind as well us, as their caretakers. Lots of times, chickens bond more with another chicken of their same breed. Your leghorn is probably upset with the loss of her buddy. Plus, losing a bird can cause some major changes to take place within the flock pecking order which can also cause egg production to decrease.

So, in other words, it is very normal for a drop in egg production to occur during a time like this. Make sure your hens are receiving food, water, calcium and maybe even some apple cider vinegar to help keep them healthy.
Thanks Mountain Peeps - I thought this may be what is going on, but since I'm a newbie I wanted to check it out with someone who is more experienced.
As an update, it's been almost two weeks and my remaining Leghorn has not laid a single egg. Is this length of time normal to not lay? Prior to this she was laying daily. My other chicks are cranking them out again.


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