Chick Resuscitation

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    I received chicks last week that traveled from Florida to California. When they arrived, two of the chicks were apparently DOA, both of them stuck in cups of GroGel, one up to its neck. I rushed them home, rinsed the Grogel off so they could move their wings and chests. I used a blow dryer, chest massage, and stimulation to revive them. Both chicks were cold and stiff and showed no signs of life when I started working on them. I videotaped the effort. It is 24 minutes long but if you want to know what I did, here is the video. When hypothermia is involved, the rule of thumb is nobody is dead until they are warm and dead.
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    Wow are they lucky they were sent to you!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  3. yeah, seriously!!!
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    WOW WOW WOW. That was anazing.
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    This is wonderful, good job! How did you follow up caring for them, and how did they do afterwards?

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