Chick seems more lethargic than what she should be

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    I have a chick that's a little over a week old and another I just got a couple days ago, so shes a little bit behind. The week old one is doing fantastic and is a little spunky one but the new one just seems like she's more sleepy and not as get-up-and-go like the other. When I first brought her home, she did more of the sleep-standing. She still will now, but seems to maybe be doing a LITTLE better. She's still a tad weaker than the other tho. I gave them some Gro-Gel and some home-made electrolyte water (filtered water, coconut water, salt, sugar, & baking soda), and tried some scrambled eggs too and she got a little bit of all that down last night. It seemed to help :) She drinks and eats on her own and likes to play in the yard, but seems she gets worn out easier and quicker than the other. Also, her tummy sounds a little gurgley sometimes too. I was thinking that's maybe digestive? Is it a bad idea to put probiotics in their water since they just had Gro-Gel and electrolytes? Should I give it a couple days and just stick with their regular water?
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