Chick Small and Doesn't Want to Use Wings?!?!


10 Years
May 18, 2010
My chicks will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, but they seem to be smaller than usual, besides one that is thriving.

Little Hootie seems to be doing the worst. He's very small, still feathering in on his wings and doesn't want to use his wings. I gently tossed him into the air and he just kind of lifted his wings and plopped onto the shavings. I just gave him some poly vi sol, but is there anything else I can do? He's starting to get left behind because he doesn't flap his wings to get up to the pop door threshold. He is suffering from myco, but would that result in this? I'm worried about the little guy
Any ideas?! He's a voracious eater and is very good at running and hopping, but it seems like he just can't use his wings
Im really sorry to hear about your poor chick; Im so new at this i unfortunately dont have any ideas other than the Poly-vi-sol and maybe some electrolytes?

Im hoping some of the Chicken Veterans have more ideas than me.
I'm not quite sure of what your expecting. I have a 8 week cochin that can not roost, nor will she use her wings. She is a very heavy chick too. I put a log on the brooder floor for her to sit closer to her flock mates that are up on the roost.

If you chick is eating, drinking and alert there is nothing to worry about. You might need to add a ramp to your pop door.
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Is there anything I can do to help him grow faster and do you think he'll ever start using his wings? I have no idea why there would be a problem with that, but his "flapping" instinct just not kick in like a normal chick's.

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