Chick started out dragging it's leg behind it


6 Years
Apr 9, 2015
I hatched out 6 Silver Laced Wyandotte yesterday and one of them might have a bum leg. The first time I saw it about 2 hours after hatching it was against the side of the incubator with one leg out behind it. I didn't want to open the bator so I left it. I opened it to move the thermometer back where I could see it and I put the chick in the middle of the bator. Because of it's leg behind it, it ended up agains the side again in the same position since it could only move in one direction.

I pulled it out a couple hours later and put it in a warm brooder. When I tried to right the chick it's bum leg would kind of spring it forward and off balance. The brooder has rounded corners so it couldn't get stuck in one position again. A few hours later when it was stronger it could keep the leg under it, but when it tries to stand it would throw it off balance. It's up and walking now, but it's pretty wobbly because of the leg.

Is it going to be ok? Is it from having it strait out after hatch? could it be a genetic or development issue?


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