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Jun 14, 2012
Hi all,

I have 5 hens who are about 9 months old and 4 guineas almost a year old. I recently introduced 6 new chicks (6wo) to my coop and they have been segregated about 10 days now. I periodically let the peeps out of their in-coop enclosure to learn to interact with the other birds but I notice that when I open their space up, my other birds - particularly the guineas - want to eat the chick starter instead of their own food when they are in the coop together. The adults free-range 12 hours a day but have full coop and run access all day should they want to go inside. They don't seem to be bothering the peeps much :) but I'm wondering if their eating the chick starter is problematic? And since the advice I was given on chick starter is to feed it until they lay their first egg, how do I manage that with other birds on layer crumble until the peeps reach maturity (prob. another 4 months or so) since they will ultimately all be together all the time here in the near future?


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Agree. Pull the layer feed, it has too much calcium and not enough protein for the littles. Feed everyone the starter/grower until the littles are bigs.

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